Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just a music style. It’s a lifestyle! It’s an entire way of life. People that stay within the rock ‘n’ roll, play, compose, or simply love the type – they’ve totally different preferences for books, meals, films, and so on. Have you ever imagined how their inside appears like? For instance, how their toilet appears like? Probably Gothic, with loots of stone, marble, heavy mirror frames… Look at this uncommon designs of loos:

Rock ‘n roll bathroom! 1

Traditional Bathroom by Helotes Architects & Designers Sam Allen Custom Home Design

Rock ‘n roll bathroom! 2

Traditional Spaces by Helotes Architects & Designers Sam Allen Custom Home Design Imagine candles, misplaced of images or posters, chandeliers within the toilet… But it doesn’t all need to be so previous-trend and basic. There are trendy designs of rock n’ roll toilet. You can discover them on, offered by the younger artistic designers, that determined to only put some rock ‘n’ roll prints on the towels and the curtains.

Rock ‘n roll bathroom! 3

Rock ‘n’ roll toilet design by way of Etsy As you possibly can see the Gothic continues to be there – in the dead of night wooden, the mirror body, the lights… If you actually reside the life-style of a Rock star – stay it to the top! Every element is essential!