The actual stone lovers perceive that the stone doesn’t give coldness and sharpness to the inside, however quite the opposite, it brings heat, particularly when mixed with wooden and appropriate lightning. For exteriors, for interiors, for an entire wall, at part of a wall, for the pillars, or upon the fireside, all of it seems to be gracefully, and it provides type. It provides a spa look to your toilet, it provides a mountain look to your front room, it provides a romantic look to your bed room. It works for all events.

Stone your walls! 1

Fireplace design by The Stonewall Company It may give rustic, or very trendy look to your inside, depends upon the stone.

Stone your walls! 2

Contemporary house with stone wall by C&O Italia You can all the time use a camouflage of wallpapers as an imitation of stone, when you don’t need to put that a lot effort and price into it. It is one of the best when you make only one wall with stone, as a ornament. Making the entire room with 4-wall stone protection, could make you are feeling like captured in your personal fort.

Stone your walls! 3

Eco wall floor by The Eco Floor Store