You have a room on the attic, and also you need to use it functionally, not simply to place previous stuff or previous furnishings, and pile the mud upon them… What is probably the most appropriate that you are able to do up there, having in thoughts the low slender ceiling? B. Reading. If you take pleasure in studying, or your sort of labor requires a lot of studying, analysis and literature, you need to use the attic to make a room the place you possibly can loosen up and skim. Of course, you must make massive home windows on the roof itself, in order that you’ll have lots of mild. In order to make use of the area effectively, you’ll be able to put low bookshelves throughout the room.

What is the attic most suitable for? 1

by way of Attic Designs P. Working. If you’re designer, painter, programmer, or one thing else that you simply requires peace, mild, and naturally working from house, you possibly can flip your attic into a piece-room, atelier, and so forth.  

What is the attic most suitable for? 2

                                                                                                     by way of PARA – Project A. Sleeping. You are in horizontal, so that you don’t have to fret concerning the peak of the room and the ceiling, the attic is usually a good-used area should you put your bed room up there. You should watch out when getting up, although!

What is the attic most suitable for? 3

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