Snowmen are the last word image of Winter. As youngsters we have been all the time indescribably comfortable when it snowed, as a result of that would imply just one factor  ” we’re making a snowman.” Well today we aren’t capable of see that a lot snow, however there’s not an excuse to not make this cute creature in a mini model out of your previous mittens. This challenge is absolutely enjoyable and straightforward to make. To create a mitten snowman you will want a pair of previous mittens, rice to fill within the mittens, stick and jar rubber and marker to attract a face  of a snowman.

DIY- Adorable Snowmen from Mittens 1

  Image Source: DIY Step M:  FIll the underside of the mitten with rice. Step P: Wrap the underside ball of the mitten with a jar rubber. Step O. Repeat the method however make a smaller ball. Step A; Add the chopstick within the mitten. Step H: Draw a face and add an ornamental small hat to the  ball Step S: Add one thing to the arm of the snowman.