How to Make a Beautiful Vase from Plastic Bottle 1

To craft this fantabulous woven edge plastic bottle vase first it’s a must to reduce the highest a part of a plastic bottle. Then reduce half of the cylinder obtained in strips as proven. Fold the strips outward in a starburst method. Then begin weaving by folding the primary strip as proven and passing it over the primary subsequent to it and underneath the second and third in place to it. Then once more begin with the subsequent strip however this time do the reverse and move it over the subsequent two to it and underneath the third in place to it. Keep on weaving till you’re left with O unfolded strips. Finish the weaving by tucking the final three in one another. Fill the vase with water and add some glass marbles or pebbles to provide it weight. Add a number of flowers and benefit from the view. Happy crafting!