These Cans Instead of Going to Trash Became Amazing Planters 1

To make these tin can planters you’ll require tin cans, enamel paints in colours of your selection, brushes, copper wire, any pointed sharp object, mud and crops/seeds. First wash and dry empty tin cans and after that with enamel paints paint the sample you want over the cans. There isn’t any onerous and quick rule as what to color. You can paint something you want and in your comfort examples are given above. Then as soon as the painted cans are dried pierce holes within the higher a part of the cans, move wire via them and make loops for hanging. Also pierce three to 4 holes within the backside of every can too for extra water to empty off. Then fill the cans with mud and plant seeds or crops. Hang them in your backyard and benefit from the view. Happy crafting!