These Pasta Snowflake Ornaments are Just Magical 1

Winter holidays are incomplete with out some ornaments. For that what ornaments might be extra appropriate to make than snowflake ornaments for the chilliness climate? So here’s a smashing concept of turning pasta into some lovely ornaments. To make these beauties you merely have to gather pasta in your favourite form or shapes. Create a sample with them on a paper after which glue them one after the other whereas placing them in a flat/horizontal place. Once the adhesive has dried merely paint the snowflakes with white acrylic paint and allow them to dry utterly. Mix some water in white glue to make it runny, dip the dried snowflakes in it after which coat them with glitter.

These Pasta Snowflake Ornaments are Just Magical 2

You are certainly going to be praised for this excellent creation. Happy crafting!