This Olaf Sock Snowman is So Darn Cute 1

Whenever frozen film shall be talked abut, Olaf the snowman is a should to recollect. Since it’s winter then what craft could be extra appropriate to make than a cute sock snowman? To make it first you need to minimize a bit from the highest of a white bobby sock. Fill it with A/A cup rice to make the underside and tie with a clear rubber band. Then fill the sock once more with B/H cup of rice and tie a rubber band once more. Then fill virtually B/P cup of rice to type an oval formed head and tie a rubber band. Make the nostril with orange felt and mouth with black felt. Hot glue googly eyes and stick felt eyebrows. Also glue black felt palms and buttons. Make the ft with white pom poms and the hair with black felt and voila!

This Olaf Sock Snowman is So Darn Cute 2

This is simply too cute, isn’t it?