Time to Make These Little Pinecone Gnomes 1

Since it’s autumn season happening and also you have to be having pinecones round. So flip these pinecones into cute little gnomes.

Time to Make These Little Pinecone Gnomes 2

To make these gnomes you’ll require some small sized pinecones, giant sized picket beads and a few felt. To make every first minimize a conical sample as proven from a newspaper after which use it as a stencil to chop felt hat. Then roll the felt piece within the type of a cone and stitch it. Also reduce two felt mittens and two ft. Then glue the picket bead to the highest of pinecone to type the top. Also glue the hat to the picket bead. Glue the mittens to the pipe cleaner palms and ft to the bottom of the pinecone. Make the eyes and face with a marker. Your pinecone gnome is prepared.