Coasters are the favourite merchandise of the neat and arranged individuals,  since a neat individual is aware of how annoying are the glass marks on the espresso desk. In case you’re a declared  neat individual and if your folks most frequently examine you to Monica Geller from Friends, then we have now a reasonably enjoyable venture for you. Coasters are nice , proper? – And what is going to make the coasters extra superior, than they already are? – And the reply in fact is : to  make it your self. We have an excellent straightforward tutorial information of how are you going to make tremendous funky and colourful coasters out of felt. Check out the tutorial. The wanted provides: -Pen; -Felt ( in three totally different colours); -Ruler; -Pin; -Craft Glue; – Cutter. B.Cut the felt    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 1

Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Measure the felt in (P cm) with a ruler and with a pen mark the ends for slicing. Repeat the process with the opposite colours. Cut the felt with a cutter or scissors. P.Take three totally different colours of felt          

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 2

  Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Take the already reduce items of felt and put them collectively at one finish.   O. Start Rolling the felt

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 3

  Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Start to rolling the items of three totally different colours in a spherical form. Once you’re completed, glue them in a single spherical form. A.Cut one other piece of felt for a base    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 4

  Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Cut an enormous piece of felt for a base. Then put the spherical shapes on the bottom. H.Glue the rounded shapes on the bottom    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 5

Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Glue the spherical shapes to the bottom with a craft glue. Cut off the surplus materials of the sector within the form of a coaster.   S.Enjoy in your new funky coaster    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 6

  Enjoy in your new funky and cute coaster.